Marijuana Users Can Counteract High With THC Buzzkill

Marijuana Users Can Counteract High With THC Buzzkill

A patent-pending cannabidiol blend, THC Buzzkill is a supplement designed to alleviate the psychoactive effects of marijuana

CARLSBAD, CA — Hemp Health Inc., maker of cannabidiol (CBD) products, announced “THC Buzzkill” on Tuesday, a patent-pending CBD supplement that counteracts the ‘high’ of marijuana.

Sold as an oral spray,THC Buzzkill absorbs into the bloodstream rapidly and lessens the psychoactive effects of THC using all-natural ingredients. THC Buzzkill is the first supplement designed for marijuana users who need to sober up quickly.

“When you have things to do and places to be, being stoned usually doesn’t help you get it all done,” said Katarina Maloney, President of Hemp Health Inc. “For marijuana users who smoke too much, react strangely to a new strain, or…

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