Business Development

Business plans, business logic and compliant operations.

Public Policy

A principled guide to local governments with regards to enacting medicinal cannabis policy.


Education and consulting for medicinal cannabis businesses and non-profit organizations in California.


Networking businesses and experts from relevant fields to foster growth related to the cannabis industry.

Medigrow - Joanna CedarMediGrow provides business development, public speaking, policy education, legislative affairs and industry networking for medicinal cannabis businesses and non-profit organizations in California. Through collaboration and strategic planning our main goal is that your organization is prepared in order to succeed through this rapidly changing and dynamic period.

Joanna Cedar, Principal

Joanna is a diverse problem solver, an adept and experienced public speaker and has a myriad of skills and talents with 23 years of professional experience in education, business, agriculture and technology startups. Joanna works with teams of committed professionals at MediGrow to ensure the success of your organization within the rapidly maturing cannabis industry.

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